Brant Russell

Darkest Night at the Gnarly Stump


Know Theatre of Cincinnati – 11/2016



World Premiere

By Lauren Hynek & Elizabeth Martin
Muisic & Lyrics by Paul Strickland

All photos by Daniel R. Winters Photography

Scenery & Lighting by Andrew J. Hungerford
Costumes by Noelle Weddig
Sound by Doug Borntrager

For The Know Theatre of Cincinnati – 11/2016

“A gift to anyone who enjoys inventive theater.”

  • CityBeat, Critic’s Pick

Paul Strickland & Linsey Rogers

"...poignant and beautifully told."

  • League of Cincinnati Theaters

Lormarev Jones

"I wish The Gnarly Stump were real."

  • River City News

Lisa DeRoberts

"CCM's Brant Russell comes down to OTR to direct with panache."

  • River City News

Derek Snow

Gabriella DiVincenzo & Lindsey Augusta Mercer

Paul Strickland

Linsey Rogers

Lindsey Augusta Mercer

Michael Sherman

Lormarev Jones, Lindsey Augusta Mercer, Linsey Rogers, and Paul Strickland