Brant Russell



For The Know Theatre of Cincinnati – 01/2023

By Aisha Josiah

US Premiere

Featuring Tess Talbot, Jared Earland, and Sydni Solomon

All photos by Daniel R. Winters Photography

Scenery & Lighting by Andrew J. Hungerford

Costumes by Noelle Weddig

Sound by Doug Borntrager

Thanks to a very capable small cast and detailed directing by Brant Russell, the colorful, sometimes horrifying tales told as monologues are etched with precision and vitality. – Talkin' Broadway

Director Brant Russell deserves a standing ovation alone for his insightful direction of a piece that can easily be stagnant in the wrong hands. Every movement is deliberate, every stillness is necessary. Russell has a keen eye and his direction collaborates well with the actors’ natural instincts. – League of Cincinnati Theaters