Association of Controlled Dreamers - Workshop Production


For CCM – 04/2019

By MJ Kaufman

World Premiere

Commissioned for CCM Acting by the 2017 CCM Playwrights Workshop

All photos by Chandler Bates Photography

Scenery & Props by Ellison Fangman

Costumes by Wyatt Kim

Sound & Video Design by Ryan Hurt

The story left me with a regained sense of hope about our country’s future. As long as we keep trying to get our voices heard and noticed, things will change. It might be slow, and it might take doing the uncomfortable and risking losing something, but it will be worth it. – The News-Record

Director Brant Russell has meshed these stories well by choreographing entrances and exits from the sides, the back and the balcony. – League of Cincinnati Theatres

Brant Russell, a CCM Acting Professor, takes the reins as director and keeps the action moving through all the early vignettes as he takes full advantage of the two-level stage in the Cohen Family Studio Theatre. It is apparent that he has an affinity for this piece and the message it is sending to his students and their peers. – League of Cincinnati Theatres

The story is complicated and would rival a great modern political thriller film. Sometimes that won’t work on stage, but Russell keeps the story at the center while still adding touches that remind us he’s at the helm (for those keen-eyed audience members who’ve enjoyed his work in the past). - The Sappy Critic

I enjoyed this production a lot and I’m glad to see the students getting a chance to play characters that are age appropriate in a story that is also relevant. I could imagine this ensemble voting to produce this piece if they were in charge of selecting. It’s nice to see millennials championed for their strengths instead of being maligned for their perceived flaws. I also especially enjoyed Russell’s director’s notes in the program. Inspiration all around! - The Sappy Critic